Emily is a fantastic doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Emily’s ability and knowledge. Her presence during the birth of our daughter was a tremendous help. This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have a knowledgeable and encouraging coach to help not only Mom but Dad with ways support and encourage mom as well.
My “birth wish list” as she called it was to complete childbirth naturally with no medication. Emily was extremely helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum, weeding out a lot of the overwhelming negative information and stories you find when researching on your own. Our daughter, Finnley, was born at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital August 12, 2017. Emily was very professional, helpful and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. I found her coaching, and knowledge to be superior to my nurses. Emily was quick to suggest laboring positions and to ask questions and make suggestions that were in my best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Emily also provided family support, candle lights,
and massaging tools and techniques. Emily helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery and Finnley was born naturally as I wanted. Emily was also prepared to take the placenta and make it into tablets.
She even made a beautiful placenta print for us. Emily was irreplaceable throughout the entire pregnancy. I am so grateful to have had her by our sides through this tremendous adventure and I’m happy to say we have also made a wonderful friend in the process. We recommend everyone find their birth/pregnancy advocate/doula and Emily is the perfect person to have by your side! She is awesome and we recommend her highly.

Thanks so much Emily!
Mary, Evan, and Finnley


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